Sugar Free Assorted Jellies with Penguin Christmas Mug & Toy 150g


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Sugar free fruit jellies in a 150g bag with a penguin decorative Christmas mug & toy.
Fruit jelies, assorted flavours in a ceramic mug, all wrapped in cellophane & tied with a ribbon.
Maltitol syrup, gelling agent: edible gelatin, edible acid: citric acid, artificial and natural flavours, colours: yellow, quinoline, green: quinoline and patent blue, orange: yellow orange, pink and red, azorubine, purple: azurobine and patent blue, brown: caramel, black: carbo medicinalis vegetalis, glazing agent: officinal paraffin.
Warning: Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect. Not suitable for small children.

Total weight (including packaging): 500g (17.64oz).

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